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    NIKA watch factory is the flagship of the Russian watch industry. Our enterprise builds upon the experience and knowledge gained back in the Soviet times. The legendary Soviet factories such as ‘Slava’ and ‘Polet’ found their continuation through the combination of the best traditions and developments.

    In 2003, the group of four friends gathered up to establish an independent production, which eventually transformed into the largest watch factory in the country...

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    Chronograph watch - what is it?
    08/13/2019 Chronograph watch - what is it?
    In this article, we will analyze in detail what a chronograph is in a wristwatch, how to use it and who needs it.
    Can the watch be given as a present?
    07/03/2019 Can the watch be given as a present?
    The answer is “certainly yes” and put a stop on the discussion.
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    Fact #10
    Inside the MYSTERY CALYPSO watch are the hidden movements of the hands but also the real treasure! There comes the name of the watch ‘Mystery’. Turn them around to see the hidden sandbed. view
    Fact #3
    The AVIA watches are specifically developed by professional pilots. Second bracelet and souvenir remover is included. Commemorative engraving is optional. view collection
    Fact #18
    Guilloche is a machine or manual engraving on either the dial or the mechanism that have wave-like patterns that enhance its beauty under the sun. view
    Fact #16
    BIMETAL is a solid connection between (silver 999,9 and gold 585) through the use of diffusion welding methods. The external features of the two-layer dial do not differ from the fully gold counterpar view
    Fact #6
    NIKA - is a patriotic brand. The special collections present a watch with a flag of Russian Federation as well as its national emblem - the two-headed eagle. view
    Fact #21
    Open balance (Open heart) - visible through the large window on the dial, the charming construction in the mechanical watch serves as a balance for the gear movement of the mechanism. view
    Fact #14
    Aperture - is a small window inside the dial demonstrating the date and the day of the week view
    Fact #22
    Skeleton watch uses its transparency to demonstrate the beauty of an artificially engraved mechanism. view collection
    Fact #9
    The dial of our exclusive watch - NIKA EXCLUSIVE DRAGON demonstrates a mysterious chinese dragon whose flakes are engraved by the professionals. view
    Fact #19
    Cabochon - is the method of cutting precious and semiprecious stones in the form of the hemisphere. Most commonly, the technique is applied to the crown and pins of the watch. view
    Fact #1
    NIKA introduced the first mass production of BICOLOR watches exclusively using precious metals. Take a look at our incredible combination of a silver case and gold welt. view collection
    Fact #12
    Are you as interested in cats as the Nika brand is? The stained glass watch is accomplished using the hardest technique - cloisonne. It seems as if the sun rays are passing through the case of this mu view collection
    Fact #23
    Slim watch received its name due to its thin dial whose thickness is less than 7mm. view
    Fact #24
    Tachymeter is a function that determines the speed (km/h) of the distance travelled. It goes along with the Chronograph watch that records the tie and acts as a stopwatch. view
    Fact #17
    The second time zone allows you to take a look at the local time in comparison with your home time. Generally, it is displayed as a small dial. The watch can be a very nice companion to those that tra view
    Fact #13
    Automatic watches are turned on automatically. Particular models are completed with a transparent back cover to allow a clear vision of the mechanism. view
    Fact #8
    The unique UNIVERSE watch allows us to observe our mysterious planet through the moon. Although the watch contains only one hand, it is able to effectively perform all the necessary functions. view
    Fact #25
    Chronograph measures the short periods of time. The central second hand turns into a stopwatch, and the usual second hand is hidden in one of the small counters. view
    Fact #2
    Hold on to our CASINO watch and attract your luck! At the back side of the watch you can view a roulette just like in the Casino that allows you to pass the time with great relish and make an importan view example
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    Gold is an expensive, prestigious and refined precious metal that is used in jewelry. The original wristwatch with a case and dial made of 750 or 585 gold is still an elite luxury item and a status, expensive accessory that will perfectly emphasize your position in society. In our catalog of watches, you can choose the right model from the collections presented for men and women.

    • Celebrity - expensive products in a gold case for business people, designed to be the perfect complement to an exquisite business suit. In the collection you can find some of the most expensive watches presented in the online store
    • Ego is a watch in the classic design of the Russian watch school, which is famous for its good ideas and unique developments
    • Gentleman is a business watch for those who love classics, but at the same time want to emphasize their special status. The cases are made in the luster of precious metals and clear lines of the cases
    • Mystery - if the task is to buy an expensive, good watch, then you are here. Unique designer models with fashionable design
    • Slimline is an elegant shiny accessory to add sophistication and accent on status
    • Casino is a Russian watch with a unique design and a little secret on the back of the dial
    • Exclusive - a catalog of expensive and exclusive handmade gold watches, for people who want to get only the best.


    Gold is always in fashion and always relevant. At all times, it has been considered a prestigious precious metal that has found wide application in the jewelry art. Which is not surprising, since gold is a chemically inert substance, it does not cause skin irritation and never rusts. But the point, of course, is not so much in this, but in a mysterious halo, invisibly hovering over everything that contains a shiny yellow metal. The Incas considered gold to be the tears of the Sun, and the Egyptians - the flesh of the gods. In Russia, gold watches have always been a desirable, but practically inaccessible accessory, which was intended only for top officials of the state. Today, the divine attributes are available to you. Buy gold watches of the highest standard with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer at favorable prices.