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    NIKA watch factory is the flagship of the Russian watch industry. Our enterprise builds upon the experience and knowledge gained back in the Soviet times. The legendary Soviet factories such as ‘Slava’ and ‘Polet’ found their continuation through the combination of the best traditions and developments.

    In 2003, the group of four friends gathered up to establish an independent production, which eventually transformed into the largest watch factory in the country...

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    08/13/2019 12:00:00 am Chronograph watches: what are they?
    The experts from NIKA watch factory explain the features and functions of chronographs and how they are used in wristwatches.
    07/03/2019 12:00:00 am Would a watch make a good present?
    The answer to this question is "yes, you can" and we will end the discussion there (by the way, here is a choice: A watch as a gift).
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    Fact #1
    NIKA has launched the world's first mass production of watches made with BICOLOR technology – exclusively from precious metals. Experience the ultra-trendy combination of a silver case and a gold beze view collection
    Fact #2
    On the case back of the watch CASINO hides a real "Roulette" game. Press the button – launch the ball of luck! see collection
    Fact #3
    How do I calculate the bracelet length? Measure your wrist circumference (in mm), subtract the length of the watch case (in mm) and add the clasp (5 mm). Also add the case height if it is ≥ 10 mm.
    Fact #4
    The exclusive UNIVERSE watch has only one hand – it shows both hours and minutes at once. see watches
    Fact #5
    The MYSTERY CALYPSO not only hides the mystery of the movement of the hands, but also the real treasures of the sea! Turn it over to see what lies on the sandy bottom. see collection
    Fact #6
    NIKA self-winding watches wind automatically when you move your hand. Some models come with a transparent case back so that you can see the beautiful movement in detail. see watches
    Fact #7
    Watches with Dual Time function display two time zones simultaneously, for those, who frequently visit distant countries! see watches
    Fact #8
    CAPSULE (Case-in-case) is a proprietary technology of the NIKA watch manufacture. It performs two important tasks: it reduces the cost of the watch and gives the movement additional protection against
    Fact #9
    "Open heart" is a beautiful design in mechanical watches, visible through a large aperture in the dial and designed to balance the motions of the gears in the movement. see watches
    Fact #10
    A skeleton is a watch that shows an elaborately engraved movement instead of a dial. see watches
    Fact #11
    SLIMLINE is a collection of suit watches with a very slim case (6-7 mm). see collection
    Fact #12
    Chronograph is a function for measuring short periods of time. The central hand turns into a stopwatch, while the normal second hand hides in one of the small counters. see watches
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