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    NIKA watch factory is the flagship of the Russian watch industry. Our enterprise builds upon the experience and knowledge gained back in the Soviet times. The legendary Soviet factories such as ‘Slava’ and ‘Polet’ found their continuation through the combination of the best traditions and developments.

    In 2003, the group of four friends gathered up to establish an independent production, which eventually transformed into the largest watch factory in the country...

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  • The top 5 skeleton watches from NIKA Watches

    As indicated by its name, the "skeleton" watch dial does not conceal the mechanism but rather exposes it. Additionally, it can either completely "uncover" the mechanism or expose a separate part of it behind a filigree decor, which is quite spectacular. In the 16th century, the concept of skeleton layout was first introduced. Nevertheless, it is only in the modern era that such models have become increasingly popular. A number of factors contribute to the popularity of skeletons:

    • This mechanism exhibits a unique beauty
    • Perfection of the model's technical specifications
    • Aesthetic decor featuring engravings and precious stones

    Creating high-quality skeletons is a tedious and time-consuming process. This article will discuss the five best skeleton watches from the NIKA watch factory.


    Gold women's watch NIKA EXCLUSIVE

    Gold women's watch NIKA EXCLUSIVE 1100.16.3.36

    An intriguing female skeleton from the Ornament collection. A spiral of memories, aspirations, and forebodings winds along the spiral of time, woven into an ornament of unforgettable events, splendid achievements, and significant decisions. There is nothing more satisfying than a reliable automatic movement that ensures the satisfaction of its mistress at every turn! This 18-karat yellow gold watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2. It measures 38.8 mm in diameter and 12.7 mm in height. A total of 68 diamonds weighing 0.66 carats were used in the design. Strap made of genuine leather.


    Silver men's watch NIKA EXCLUSIVE 1102.0.9.125

    Silver men's watch NIKA EXCLUSIVE 1102.0.9.125

    A watch that displays inner strength, the Dragon men's watch. An engraved Chinese dragon replaces the dial, each scale of which is hand engraved. Metal with a matte sheen appears to set in motion the crest, fangs, and majestic mustache of a formidable animal. Hand-wound Swiss movement ETA 6498, 17 jewels, sterling silver 925 (23 g). The case diameter is 46.2 mm and the total height is 13.5 mm. The sapphire glass. Rubber straps are based on the alligator skin. An amber and gold model is also available.


    Skeleton NIKA

    There is nothing more beautiful than a thin skeleton for a beautiful lady - NIKA EXCLUSIVE 1100.43.1.36A women's gold skeleton watch. The exquisite case and watch are literally strewn with sparkling diamonds. Plant motifs adorn the dial. In addition, the reverse side of the case is engraved with hexagram stars. The watch is made of 14-karat yellow gold (11 g), with a Swiss ETA 2660 movement. It measures 27 millimeters in diameter and 6.5 millimeters in height. A total of 84 diamonds were used in the design, including the sapphire glass.


    Skeleton NIKA

    The men's Black Gold watch with an open balance is decorated using enamel technique (a whole month's work depends on successful firing). The oil appears to be pumping directly from the mechanism, as can be seen at the bottom of the dial. A continuous oil pipeline with hour marks runs along its perimeter. In many ways, the exquisite skeletonized hands are reminiscent of the openwork parts of an oil rig. This timepiece is made of 14-carat rose gold (31.28 g), with a hand-wound Swiss movement ETA 6498, which contains 17 jewels. Dimensions of the case are 46.2 mm in diameter and 13.3 mm in height. A Sapphire glass is used. Silver is also available for this model of men's watch.


    Skeleton NIKA

    Complexity and originality are the hallmarks of Universe watch. From the orbit of our planet's celestial satellite, a view of our planet is depicted on the dial. In addition to the cratered relief of the Moon, the golden hemisphere of the Earth displays detailed images of the continents and oceans. The intricately skeletonized and hand-engraved movement shimmers alongside the stars that adorn the cosmos. Through the rotation of its weightless details, the connection between time and space can be guessed, following the same law as every planet circling around its own axis. With an open dial and a transparent case back, you can observe the manual space from all angles, as if through the portholes of a spacecraft. One of the most distinctive features of the Universe is its unique single-hand mechanism, which is based on the Swiss caliber ETA-6498, modernized by the masters of the NIKA factory. Future-oriented hands always point toward the future are used to convey information about the passage of time. Hand-wound Swiss ETA-6498 movement with 17 jewels, made of 925 sterling silver (37.62 grams). Diameter of the case is 47.5 mm and height is 13 mm. The design consisted of five diamonds of 1.5 mm in diameter, sapphire glass also included. There is a similar model available in white gold with and without diamonds.

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