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    NIKA watch factory is the flagship of the Russian watch industry. Our enterprise builds upon the experience and knowledge gained back in the Soviet times. The legendary Soviet factories such as ‘Slava’ and ‘Polet’ found their continuation through the combination of the best traditions and developments.

    In 2003, the group of four friends gathered up to establish an independent production, which eventually transformed into the largest watch factory in the country...

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    08/13/2019 12:00:00 am Chronograph watches: what are they?
    The experts from NIKA watch factory explain the features and functions of chronographs and how they are used in wristwatches.
    07/03/2019 12:00:00 am Would a watch make a good present?
    The answer to this question is "yes, you can" and we will end the discussion there (by the way, here is a choice: A watch as a gift).
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  • What hand is the watch worn on?

    The question we ask ourselves each morning before leaving the house is: what should I wear? What will our image look like today? Clothing and accessories are typically selected based on three well-known factors: etiquette, convenience, and beauty. A watch can also play a decisive role in the dilemma of which hand to wear - on the right or left hand?

    What is the purpose of wearing watches on our wrists?

    It's a good question! What other ways can it be worn? It may surprise many to learn that wristwatches were originally worn on chains - either as pendants (for women) or in pockets (for men).

    Between the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, pocket watches were considered fashionable and convenient, making them incredibly popular accessories. Why have they almost disappeared from modern society? It is important to note that the mere appearance of a wristwatch did not automatically lead to the demise of pocket watches. Quite the contrary. Society has long been reluctant to let go of the already beloved pocket ones and replace them for unknown reasons. Moreover, wristwatches were originally created only for women in the 19th century and were primarily designed for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality - therefore, men refused to wear wristwatches for a long period of time. The European wars of the 19th and 20th centuries, however, demonstrated the necessity of changing priorities.

    The trench watch became a transitional timepiece between pocket watches and wrist watches. They were designed to meet the needs of field troops, as their name implies. They were almost identical to the "pickpockets" of the past, except that there were wires welded on the sides into which a long strap was threaded to ensure secure attachment even over uniforms. In the First World War, it became apparent that watches were needed not only by the ground forces, but also by the aviation forces.

    Several years later, wristwatches with lugs instead of wire loops began to be manufactured in industrial quantities. As a matter of fact, they were initially available only to the military and were even included in ammunition. The world has been turned upside down: women's watches are now a rarity, whereas men wear them constantly. In modern times, many watch brands employ retro motifs in their designs, evoking a time when the career and even life of professionals depended on quick glances at wristwatch readings.

    NIKA EGO Chronographs on a bracelet

    You decide which hand to wear NIKA EGO Chronographs on a bracelet.

    Which hand is customary for wearing a watch?

    Watches are typically worn on the left hand. However, the majority of people (85%) are right- handed. Among the most popular explanations for this phenomenon, convenience is the leading factor, not the whim of an individual.

    1. In order to facilitate work, writing, etc., the working hand should not be loaded with unnecessary accessories.

    2. The watch is most conveniently fixed to the left hand while the right hand is actively engaged in the work.

    3. It is also convenient to wind a mechanical watch with a working right hand (which is why the crown is usually located on the right side of the case).

    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Barack Obama all wear watches on their left hands.

    Should a watch be worn on the right hand?

    Similarly, you may ask, “Is it possible to write with the left hand? You are sure to be able to do so, it is your hands after all! There have been several eras during which left-handers have been discriminated against. As a result of social pressures in the Middle Ages, left- handedness was equated with obsession. Soviet Union (and other countries of the same era) forcibly retrained left-handed schoolchildren to become right-handed.

    Fortunately, this matter has been resolved. Even separate brands produce watches specifically designed for left-handed people: in such watches, the dial and buttons are located on the left instead of the right.

    Nobody can argue that wearing the watch on the right is more convenient if the left hand is working. There are some left-handed individuals, however, who wear a watch on their working hand, just as some right-handed individuals do. Vladimir Putin, for instance, wears a watch on his right hand, despite being right-handed, because he believes that the crown rubs against his left hand.

    There are several individuals who wear watches on their right hands, including Alexander Lukashenko, Ksenia Sobchak, James Cameron, and David Beckham.

    CELEBRITY 1058.0.1.14А

    Which hand does a man or woman wear a watch on?

    Choosing a hand does not depend on the gender of the individual. Society's established rules of style and etiquette only dictate the choice of hand in certain situations. It is up to the individual whether to wear their watch on their right or left hand according to the circumstances.

    OWhat is the preferred hand for men to wear watches?

    An official watch is regarded as an important indicator of status and social standing by men in the first place. In accordance with business etiquette, they wear them on their left hand. Men who still wear watches on their right hand, however, have the advantage that others will notice their watches before they do, even during greeting handshakes.

    Men's BICOLOR watches

    Men's BICOLOR watches can be worn on any hand

    What hand do women wear watches on?

    A watch serves primarily as an ornament for women, who wear them on any hand. Depending on which hand the watch is worn on, women have demonstrated miracles of creativity by wearing elegant bracelet watches on both hands simultaneously. Exceptions occur when a woman follows a strictly conservative business style and chooses her left hand, as do men. Whatever suits your taste, you're sure to find one in the online watch store of our company.

    Interestingly, some men wear watches on both hands. While it may seem convenient to some, this style is primarily intended to shock the public and emphasize their own non- conformist style. Diego Maradona, for example, wears watches on both hands.

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