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    NIKA watch factory is the flagship of the Russian watch industry. Our enterprise builds upon the experience and knowledge gained back in the Soviet times. The legendary Soviet factories such as ‘Slava’ and ‘Polet’ found their continuation through the combination of the best traditions and developments.

    In 2003, the group of four friends gathered up to establish an independent production, which eventually transformed into the largest watch factory in the country...

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  • Which is the better choice, Quartz or Mechanical?

    Meat or vegetables, automatic transmission or manual, quartz or mechanics? As far as quality is concerned, it is quite evident that all categories are good in their own way. However, if we are talking about taste or convenience, then the choice will be based on the personal preferences of each individual. Consequently, we will not compare sweet with salt, but rather determine how quartz watches differ from mechanical watches so that we can independently decide on one or the other.

    A watch requires a power source to display the time. Mechanical mechanisms and quartz mechanisms are classified according to their energy sources.

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    Mechanical watches

    In mechanical watches, the source of energy is a winding spring.

    Mechanical wristwatches have existed for several centuries, and therefore have a richer history than quartz watches. The exceptional prestige of mechanics is immediately apparent. It is necessary to hand assemble many small parts of the mechanics. There is no doubt that such watches are more expensive and even heavier than quartz watches, but this only emphasizes their status.

    Mechanical watches fall into two categories: manual and automatic. Manual winding watches must be wound manually by turning the crown. When worn regularly during the working day, self-winding watches wind themselves, that is, automatically. Watches often feature transparent case backs that allow you to observe the movement. It is also decorated by exclusive brands in every possible manner (engraving, skeletonizing, etc.) - the result is a truly captivating sight.

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    The benefits of Mechanics:

    1. Battery replacement is not necessary with mechanical watches.
    2. When properly cared for, mechanical watches last longer than quartz watches. Do not forget to perform a preventive examination (see «How to take care of the watch»).
    3. Wearing a mechanical watch on the wrist is one of the best indicators of a person's good taste and high status. As well as being prestigious, they are also stunningly beautiful.
    4. There may be some disadvantages to winding a watch constantly, but for many mechanics this unhurried, meditative ritual is a source of peace and tranquility. The mechanics profession serves the needs of such individuals - they are no longer in a hurry because they have achieved most of their goals.
    Mechanical watch CELEBRITY 1004.2.1.01

    Quartz watches

    Electric batteries provide the source of energy for quartz watches. Since the 1970s, quartz watches have been actively sold on the market. It is believed that the arrival of quartz was commonly referred to as the "quartz revolution", as quartz quickly gained wild popularity, and almost replaced mechanical manufacturers. There is no wonder, since the new watch is much easier to operate and significantly less expensive.

    As a result of this imbalance, the watch industry has always offered customers two options: expensive and prestigious or cheap and convenient. A number of characteristics are universal - they can be used to guide the selection of a wide variety of goods, both first and second necessities. The appearance of expensive and complicated luxury models among quartz watches was not surprising, and the mechanisms learned to be simple and democratic.

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    The benefits of Quartz:

    1. The accuracy of quartz watches is always greater than that of mechanical watches. As a general rule, movement error is approximately 20 seconds per month (whereas the mechanics have an average of 20 seconds per day). Furthermore, there are some record holders who adhere to more rigorous guidelines: ± 5 seconds per year.
    2. In contrast to mechanical watches, quartz watches do not require constant winding. Less action - easier to use. Changing the battery every 2-3 years (or even less often) is a great alternative to daily routines involving mechanics.
    3. In all other respects (case material and feature set), quartz watches are considered to be more affordable than mechanical watches.
    Quartz watches EGO 1898.0.9.11А

    Hybrid mechanism

    There would be no difficulty determining which watch is better if there were only two options: quartz or mechanical. However, hybrids watches have increased our variety of options!

    A hybrid movement combines the features of quartz and mechanics. It is inevitable that those watch brands that have already acquired sufficient experience in creating perfect quartz or mechanical watches, sooner or later, will consider something new. A unique mechanism is born in this way: some do not require batteries, others can be powered by solar energy, etc.

    The mysterious watch plays a significant role in this story. Thus, you could see floating hands in the magnificient Mystery dial's transparent window. Who knows what makes them rotate - only the watch's owner, the keeper of the secret. One source of energy would not suffice to maintain their smooth operation in that part of the case hidden from the observer's eyes. Thus, Mystery gold and silver watches are equipped with hybrid movements that combine wheel and quartz functions.

    Konstantin Chaikin is the mastermind behind the original design and its brilliant implementation. In conjunction with the masters of the NIKA watch factory, they also adapted the expensive technology for the serial production of watches and jewelry cases.

    Мужские часы Mystery 1210.30.1.11А.01
    Men’s watches
    Женские часы Mystery 1209.32.9.86А.01
    Women’s watches

    The question is, which is better, quartz or mechanical? Now that we are aware of the pros and cons of each type, we can compare them. You should read them carefully so that, when you see these beautiful technical and jewelry creations for the first time, your heart will unmistakably indicate which watch you should choose.

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